The Blackacre -

Crimson Horween CXL Horsehide with Clayton & Sons Black  UK Bridle Interior 

Available at Midnight PST 

The El Indio Card Holder, I made 6 of these, in shell cordovan and Horween Horsehide. Available tonight at midnight PST  
Available at Midnight on the Website

Bottom Left- Englsih Claret shell cordovan/ black bridle interior 
Bottom Right- OD Green Latigo / black bridle interior 
Top Left- Horween Vegtan Horsehide with Fine Light Trading Snap / burgundy bridle interior 
Top Right- Brown Horween veg Tan Horsehide/  Brown Bridle Interior 
Hand Stuffed, Dyed, and Glazed Horween Veg Tan Horsehide. 
Available Sunday
Available Sunday, Some Claret English Shell Cordovan
This Sunday, i will be releasing a set of Manco Billfolds. each will be a “one off” including some shell cordovan.
The wallet pictured above is a O.D. Green Latigo with oxidized solid brass hardware, available this Sunday for purchase .